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Opportunities for Engineers without Boundaries

World Engineers  Resources Centre for Civil & Structural Engineers, CAD & Draftsman, Consultants & Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Vendors for building & engineering products, designs, drawings, calculatons, tutorials, building codes, softwares, forums, jobs, projects, and all matters related to engineering designs and construction. 
Our websites are dedicated to provide for :-
  • Engineering designs, calculations &  worked examples.
  • Building & engineering drawings & construction details.
  • Engineering tutorials & training for softwares, designs, courses.
  • References, books, manuals, useful data, articles, pictures, videos
  • Engineering software, Free and Paid
  • Forums to share and discuss real life engineering and technical problems in design & construction and look for solutions. A venue for proactive sharing of knowledge & experience in the engineering communities.
  • A one-stop venue for manufacturers, suppliers & vendors to advertise their products & services, technical data and user manuals, and to provide links to their own sites.
  • Professionals, individuals or consultants to advertise their specialized services.
  • Members, Engineers & Cad Draftsman to provide and sell their services & expertise online to clients for projects.
  • Clients & employers to advertise their projects and seek online services in designs, specifications, contracts and all related services.
  • Contractors and builders to provide links to their site and advertise their services. More..

World Engineers World Engineers

Calculation eBooks to order, Contact Us

 Calculations & Worked Examples for Design of Drainage System.

 Drainage Calcs

 Calculations for Design of Water Reticulation System

 Water Supply Calc

 Calculations for Design of Circular RC Water Tanks

RC Water Tanks

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