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Online Engineering Courses

Check out the Civil & Structuring Courses which are available to advance you knowledge & skills to do your current works. These courses are designed to be Fast Tract as we feel that most of our members and visitors are interested to quickly learn what are immediately necessary inorder to carry out your current work, whether it is to design a piled foundation, a multistorey building or a post-tensioned bridge.

We have personally reviewed the courses and are conducted by experienced practical engineers or from technical institutions and universities.

Feel free to browse through the courses relevant to you and do contact us for more details or contact the Course Lecturers directly. To access the courses you will have to register as a member to ensure that only genuine enquiries are entertained.

The Following Courses are available depending on the Course Tutor or Lecturer concerned. Method of delivery will be via Online, Email, Chat, Webinar, Ebooks, and Forum. And upon completion of course the student will have gained the knowledge necessary to carry out his/her works and will obtain a full 12 months technical support and also access to our Engineers database.

A Course Certificate will be issued to those who complete the short courses or a full semester course, together with testimonials and referee, which can be used for you job application.

General or Specialised Short Courses are available for all Civil & Structural Disciplines. Due to the massive courses available we will update on a continuous basis to this website. Should you however need a course urgently please Contact Us to setup up specifically.

The Courses are Group into Three Sections :

For CAD Technicians, CAD Operators, Junior Engineers

  1. Practical Autocad
  2. Practical Engineering Course, for Civil Engineering, and Structural Engineering

For Engineers

Short Courses & Ebooks, References, Softwares, Standards, Practices are available for almost ALL subjects in common practice :

  1. Bridge Design
  2. Design of Bored Piles
  3. Design of Pad  Footing
  4. Design of Pile Caps
  5. Design of Retaining Walls
  6. Design of Sewer Reticulation System
  7. Design of a Small Water Treatment Plant
  8. Design of an Oxidation Pond for Sewage Treatment
  9. Design of a Leachate Retention Pond
  10. Design of a Leachate Treatment Plant
  11. Design of a Municipal Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill
  12. Design of a Minicipal Toxic Waste Landfill
  13. Design of Tall Steel Buildings
  14. Design of Tall RC Building
  15. Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
  16. Design of Rubble Mound Breakwater Protection
  17. Design of Road Pavement
  18. Design of Traffic Light System
  19. Design of Roads & Highways
  20. Design of Earth Retaining Walls
  21. Design of Earth Slope Protection Works
  22. Site Supervision Works & Quality Control
  23. Construction Safety
  24. Drainage
  25. Sewerage
  26. Water Supply
  27. Roads & Highways
  28. Solid Wastes
  29. Environmental Management
  30. Miscellaneous

etc.... Please make enquiries and we will provide all details.

Calculation eBooks to order, Contact Us

 Calculations & Worked Examples for Design of Drainage System.

 Drainage Calcs

 Calculations for Design of Water Reticulation System

 Water Supply Calc

 Calculations for Design of Circular RC Water Tanks

RC Water Tanks

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