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Staad Pro Tutorials

Easiest Step by Step Guide

What is Staad Pro?

Staad Pro is a very powerful structural engineering software by Brentley. There are several versions, from the earlier Staad 3 by Research Engineers and later Staad Pro 7, 8 by Brentley. You should visit their website for the latest, should you intend to purchase, however, any versions can be used.

This software is widely used as for design and analysis for steel and concrete structures, taking from modelling to analysis, and even output into CAD drawings in some cases, via addon modules. For a structural engineer this software is a must have as it has the ability to do simple structures to really any complex 3D modelling and analysis.

The downside is the price being quite hefty, and the structural modelling, design and analysis particularly in 3D can be really complex and with a huge learning curve. There is also a lack of sufficient practical & realistic tutorials, as with most softwares, making learning and relearning a daunting tasks for the average engineer in a design office. Purchasing the software alone is insufficient as it will be useless without extensive and continuous support from the vendors, so maintenance is generally required, which can be pricy for the small companies and individuals. With support, your confidence levels will be low, and reliability of your work using the software will be questionable. Unless you do this everyday, you will not be able to use all the complex functions and capabilitis of the software. However its usefulness for the most common structural forms, such as plain frames, beams, columns, trusses, which can be easily verified via manual design methods will prove very useful and easy to recap.

Neverthless, for the serious and experienced structural engineer, with proper training and maintenance support from the vendors, the addition of Staad Pro will be a real asset for his daily works.

You and review Staad Pro Brochure or visit Bentley Websites for details.


 Code  Titles  Status
   Modelling for Portal Frame  
   Modify Existing Portal Frame Data  
   Modelling for Lattice Truss  

....... & more will be added contnuously

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